What is WealthEasy?

We are financial technology company. Our focus is to build products which can be used to generate Regular Income for retail investors. We use cutting edge technology like machine learning and data analytics for our recommendation.

For retail investors which product will you recommend?

Our Flagship product Stock Easy is specially tailored for retail investors. By short term investing in Stocks you can generate regular income. All you need to do is spend 5 min every day to act on our recommendation. It is semi-automated with broker ‘Zerodha’, all you must do it click a button every day @3:05 PM.

Is Stock Easy a day trading product?

No. Stock Easy is NOT a day trading product. We recommend to buy stocks for short duration (5 days to 20 days). The minimum duration of holding is 5 days which ensures that Stocks comes and reside in your demat account before we recommend to sell it.

How to Use

How to use Stock Easy?

Stock Easy is simple to use. All you must do is log in @ 3:05 PM and click 1 button that executes all the recommendation, be it BUY recommendation or be it Square off recommendation. So, all it takes is one click per day.

What is the average holding period of a stock?

We have seen that the average holding time comes to around 7 days. This is the key to generate regular income for you.

Do you recommend mid cap and small cap?

No. We focus only on Large Cap stocks so that the risk for retail investors is minimized. There is enough short-term opportunity in Large Caps so why go for mid cap and small cap. If due to market crash we don’t give recommendation for couple of weeks we make sure that your subscription is automatically extended.

Does the recommendation come daily?

Not necessary. There could be days in which we do not give any recommendation. This is because we want to give recommendation when we think the stock has upward potential.

My Money

What is the minimum investment?

You can start with as low as 50,000. For most of our users the range is between 50,000 to 10 Lacs. We call this your investment corpus. Please note that at all time the money will reside in your broker account and never with us. This is to

Do I have to deposit money in wealtheasy?

No. All your money will be in your trading account (broker account). We only provide advise on short term BUY/SELL recommendation of stock. We only charge monthly subscription fees.


I am new to stock market. Will you help me for issues during initial days of onboarding.

We are just a call away. We hand hold every client till they are comfortable to operate on their own.

Where can I get more training materials?

You can go to our tutorial section or follow our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQVHBo MMgyI4VRxKQaeXdug?view_as=subscriber

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